EDF # 8


Christmas in Detroit

The Bill Dixon Orchestra: Voices. Joseph Spence: Face to Face That I Shall Know Him. The Melodians: Rivers of Babylon, Song to a Seagull, Voices, Groucho Marx in “At the Circus”: Lydia, the Tatooed Lady. Susie Ibarra & Assif Tsahar: Dream Song #3, Singers and Dancers at the Mendocino Balkan Music and Dance Workshop, 2006: Song(s) from the Rhodope region of Bulgaria, The Del-Vikings: Whispering Bells. Vashti Bunyan: Where I Like to Stand, Washington Philips: Lift Him Up, That’s All. Dream Song #3, Grand Dominion Jazz Band: Keep Your Hand on The Plow, Christmastime is here, It’s time for The Percolator, Angels Living On The Ground, Little sister sings in choir: Waters of Babylon, Dream Song #3, The Cocteau Twins: Wax and Wane, Joni Mitchell: The Pirate of Penance, Neil Young: Like An Inca, Voices, P.S. 22 Chorus: One Day, Sweet Honey In The Rock: Keep Your Eyes On The Prize, Big Youth: Lightening Flash, Weak Heart Drop, Me + Air Conditioner on Foster at Damen, The Last Day Of Our Aquaintance, Joanna Newsom: Swansea. Coventry Carol, E.C. Ball: Tribulations. Cyndi Lauper: Time After Time. The Deer Knives: Hiccup Drunk. Coventry Carol. Dream Song #3. Kremana Stancheva: Mesechinko Alena (Scarlet Moon)