GO BLAZERS broadside by Solomon

The shop is looking great (some “new” work tables! more organized type & spacing!) and we are pleased to offer two workshops in February. Email Sarah a.s.a.p. to reserve your space.

Sunday, February 5th 2012
11am – 5pm with break for lunch
$65 (includes all materials)

In this workshop we will collaboratively print a poster on the Vandercook no. 2 galley proof press, learning typesetting, hand inking technique, & shop procedure in the process, plus a little typography & color theory. Participants will take home their own print or two and thereafter be qualified to use the proof press– perfect for printing linoleum and wood image blocks as well as moveable type– during supervised open studio hours.

Saturday, February 11th 2012
10 am – 5pm with break for lunch
$80 (incudes all materials)

This class is for those who have taken Letterpress Fundamentals (or ANY workshop from me in the past) and would like to learn to operate the Chandler and Price platen job press (or refresh their muscle memory). By designing and printing a postcard together, participants will advance their typesetting skills, learn to lock up the form, pack & ink the press, & troubleshoot until achieving ideal registration and impression. Participants will go home with an edition of at least 20 beautiful postcards and will thereafter be qualified to use the job press for their own projects during supervised open studio hours.

both taught by Sarah Archer, director of Manzanita People’s Print: accidentalpress at